Abraham "Abe" Satrakian


Abraham Satrakian was born with a hatred for vampires. After seeing his entire clan wiped out by Count Strahd von Zarovich and his Strigoi minions, Abe fled his homeland after it was absorbed into the dark realm of Ravenloft.

He journeyed across the sea, eventually ending up on the continent of Valeria after a massive storm shipwrecked him near the city of Verthust. There he apprenticed under a shipmaster and learned the art of sailing. After two decades, Abe acquired his own ship and crew and started work as a captain-for-hire. During one of his voyages, a vampire attempted to kill and corrupt the entire crew in an effort to expand its power. Thankfully, with some quick thinking and even quicker reflexes, Abe slew the vampire and saved most of his crew.

Upon arriving back in Verthust, Abe was converted by a priest to the worship of Bahamut and pledged to use his ship and crew as a vessel to extinguish evil in the world. His crew served loyally at his side, for a time. But as the years passed, most of the crew were either slaughtered, scarred, or abandoned their captain. When a near-suicidal assault on a demonic lord’s seaside castle resulted in the destruction of his ship and the loss of his right eye, Abe decided to retire from his crusade. He purchased a new ship with the last of his savings and began operating as a merchant captain for many years.

He encountered the First Party when they attempted to return to the mainland from Kurosawa. After discovering a mysterious coffin that had appeared in the hold of his ship, the party assisted Abe in repelling an assault by an Aboleth. Though they saved the crew, the ship was badly damaged and forced to make port in the cursed village of Shadowfell.

There, Abe and his crew worked with the party to destroy a group of vampiric Strigoi and their undead horde. After the battle, the party decided to head south to Aldeban. However Abe requested they bring back a replacement ship for him and his crew, going so far as to send Maya Aveen along with them to assist and keep an eye on them. He has had no further contact with the party since then.

Abraham "Abe" Satrakian

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