For most of his life, Arlen was rather unremarkable amongst the elves. He grew up in the continental village of Ashrelle, rather than the elven island of Faewood, and was therefore looked down upon as more folksy than most of his kin. Perhaps because of this, Arlen decided to join the imperial army as an attempt to make the most of his simple life.

Though he worked hard, he never advanced past the rank of a common foot soldier. His performance in training was simply adequate and he never made an impression amongst his commanders. It seemed he would have been destined for a simple life, had fate not intervened. When the guard captain of the Yvonka clan came to recruit soldiers for the royal guard, he mistakenly assumed Arlen was one of the soldiers he’d came for. And thus, Arlen was swept up into the royal guard.

It would not even be a week before his liege lord, Ezren Yvonka, was assassinated. Arlen was sent with a group to comb the countryside around Verthust for signs of Thrump Yvonka, the suspected killer. He would eventually find Thrump, and the rest of the First Party, attempting to flee via covered wagon. In the battle that followed, Arlen survived a massacre by Owlbear after falling down a nearby hole with the rest of the party. Injured, the party mercifully assisted Arlen and took him with them on the rest of their journey through the caverns. After a pitched battle in an underground lab and a last minute rescue by Merisiel, Arlen was sent off with Thrump’s signet ring to spread the false news of his untimely demise

Arlen traveled south, past Bicot tower, eventually stopping in the town of Brasea. There he took up residence with Harkon Stonefist. He then spread word of Thrump’s death to the town guard, who then contacted the rest of the empire. While waiting for an imperial escort to take him to the capital, Arlen was abducted by the Boyle brothers as part of their ongoing plot to create a massive Flesh Golem for their mother Serena. When the plan was foiled by the First Party, the discovered Arlen among the prisoners they saved. When asked about the signet ring, Arlen revealed it had been taken by Serena and given to the mind flayer, Zellix.

The party left Arlen behind in Brasea while they flew to the Yvonka Vault in an attempt to stop Zellix’ diabolical machinations. Arlen was soon after picked up by the Imperial escort and revealed everything the party had learned. He was able to convince a general in the Imperial Army of the threat, and was sent along with a garrison to secure the Vault.

When Arlen arrived however, his garrison was all but destroyed by Merisiel who had been transformed into a gargantuan Silver Dragon. Arlen managed to hide in the vault, and watched in secret as Zellix and The Masters brainwashed and bribed many imperial and elven higher-ups. When Arlen learned of a plot to uncover ancient technology in the deserts around Aldeban, he was discovered an incinerated by Zellix.

His bones were sealed in a box and teleported far away to prevent anyone from learning of their plans. Unfortunately for The Masters, the box appeared on a ship carrying the First Party back to Valeria. Though Wrent Treznor attempted to dispose of it by pushing the box overboard, it washed up on the short of Shadowfell a few hours later. When the party’s battle with the Strigoi resulted in them casting an Animate Dead spell, Arlen’s bones were also reanimated. He tried to escape his box, but it was sealed from the outside. Banging and knocking around in the box caused the party to believe a Master Vampire resided inside, so they set the box on fire. When they heard Arlen’s screams however, the party recognized their mistake and freed him before he burned.

Arlen then spent the next few hours explaining The Master’s plan before he noticed his skeleton falling apart. With the spell wearing off, Arlen only had enough time to request his body be buried on his family’s plot in Ashrelle. Sigismund agreed, and stored Arlen’s bones in his pack. It is unknown if Sigismund ever delivered the bones.


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