Beleak is a Tabaxi merchant who has traveled all over the continent under a variety of identities and guises. Not much is known about his adventuring days except that he retired after accumulating a horde of treasure during one of his last expeditions to the Far North. He spent the next few years starting up various business enterprises, most of which were illegitimate.

His most famous legitimate operation was the Verthust Royal Opera Company (R.O.C.). Their last performance was attended by members of the First Party. After the brutal assassination of Ezren Yvonka by Zellix and his Drow mercenaries, Beleak helped the party escape the city. He was then forced to shut down the R.O.C. and make a quick exit, before Imperial authorities arrived with an Inquisition.

Beleak later relocated to Brightbay, where he set up shop working as freelance thief. His debtors closing in, he took a contract from the Cult of Poseidon to steal an artifact from the Brightbay Museum, which was under the protection of the Thieve’s Guild. Knowing he’d need assistance, Beleak ventured to the Fighting Pits to search for hired muscle. Instead, he found Don Gael and Token fighting for their lives with the future members of the Second Party. Upon recognizing them, Beleak purchased them as slaves to save them from imminent execution.

Beleak agreed to free the party, as well as pay them, if they assisted him in robbing the Brightbay Museum. The party reluctantly agreed and, after being briefed on the details, proceeded to execute the daring Brightbay Museum Heist.

Though the heist did not go as planned the party was able to recover the artifact; an ancient vase containing a shard of the Heart of Valeria. The shard was absorbed into Token’s necklace however, and Beleak was left without his prize.

The next day the party was visited by a captain of the Thieves Guild, Colin Caine. Caine offered the party 24 hours to leave Brightbay alive, but demanded they turn over Beleak first. After leaving, Beleak appeared from hiding and pleaded the party to help him out. Though initially reluctant, Beleak offered them each a favor from him that they could call in at any time. The party agreed, and Beleak sent them out to raid the Thieve’s Guild as a distraction so he could slip out of town, unnoticed. When asked about the whereabouts of the Thieve’s Guild, the party learned Beleak was once a member but was magically enchanted to prevent him from leaking any of the Guild’s secrets. It was only through solving a book puzzle that the party was able to ascertain the location of the Guild.

After the party was taken in by Caine, it was confirmed that Beleak had indeed fled Brightbay. His current whereabouts are unknown.


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